VELCRO® and SPEEDWRAP® Safety related Fasteners –
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Safety conscious job sites use innovative strapping solutions to suspend equipment and prevent falling gear. Routing and securing hoses, lines and cords and cables also keeps factories, warehouses and job sites safer. We offer reusable straps to provide simple solutions for:

  • Suspending objects and cables.
  • Tying down material.
  • Securing wires and cables.
  • Caring loose objects.
  • Bundling items during transport
  • Preventing cords from pulling apart when you don’t want them to.
  • FME and Drop Prevention. 

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UV=100 pphm, 72 hours
Operating Temp: -40C to 65C, -40F to 150F
Maximum Elasticity: 40%

• Transportation
• Construction
• Material Handling
• Electrical
• Lawn and Garden
• Recreation
• Automotive

Speedtech Part #LengthLocking PinPackage
SWKB8-108"No10 pcs/pack
SWKB14-514"No5 pcs/pack
SWKB14LP-514"Yes5 pcs/pack
SWKB24-324"No3 pcs/pack
SWKB24LP-324"Yes3 pcs/pack
SWKBVP Variety Pack - 8" (2), 14" (2), 8" (10)  
Sizes are Approximate and For Reference Only  


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