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When you need a fastener for tying down cargo or for locking the arms down on a cam-lock, the fastener better be robust and be built to last. For your needs in the Automotive industry we offer the highest quality fasteners:

  • Kwik Bandit™ Elastic Rubber Ties and Straps
  • Ty-Up™ Pallet Banding and Tie Downs
  • SPEEDWRAP® Cinch Straps

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UV=100 pphm, 72 hours
Operating Temp: -40C to 65C, -40F to 150F
Maximum Elasticity: 40%

• Transportation
• Construction
• Material Handling
• Electrical
• Lawn and Garden
• Recreation
• Automotive

Speedtech Part #LengthLocking PinPackage
SWKB8-108"No10 pcs/pack
SWKB14-514"No5 pcs/pack
SWKB14LP-514"Yes5 pcs/pack
SWKB24-324"No3 pcs/pack
SWKB24LP-324"Yes3 pcs/pack
SWKBVP Variety Pack - 8" (2), 14" (2), 8" (10)  
Sizes are Approximate and For Reference Only  


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