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SPEEDWRAP® Ty-Up® X Large 1/4 Rope – 5' (1 Pack)


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The SPEEDWRAP® Brand TY-UP™ is the ultimate banding and pallet tie. Simply wrap the rope around an object, through the specially designed hook, and pull for a tight hold. With one quick, easy motion — it’s a cinch!
  • Transport parts around the factory
  • Stabilize drums on pallets
  • Holding slabs to racks
  • Banding and containing rolls
  • Fastening / tie down tarps on flatbed trucks.
  • Strapping/ tie down
  • Bundle or band
  • Pallet tie
This unique product is versatile, easy to use and economical. In addition to saving time, the TY-UP™ can be reused hundreds of times, eliminating the waste associated with strapping, shrink and stretch wraps. As a result, a single Ty-Up can eliminate thousands of dollars in wasted materials. For short distance dunnage or transportation of materials, there isn’t a banding solution like it on the market.

What customers say about SPEEDWRAP® Brand Ty-Ups:
  • “Quick and easy to use.”
  • “Durable and strong.”
  • “A problem solver.”
  • “Like a rope on steroids.”

Braided polypropylene

Cord Diameters Small 5/64, Med 1/8, Lg 5/32, XL ¼”

Standard Color – Yellow

Customization available. Minimums apply

  • Warehouse
  • Industrial
  • Construction
  • Marine/Auto
  • Transportation
  • Movers
  • Cargo Tie Downs
  • Tarp Tie Downs
  • Equipment Transport
  • Load Securing
  • Material Handling

Speedtech Part #Length Speedtech Part #Length Speedtech Part #Size
SWTYUP4MD4' SWTYUP4XL4' SWTYUPRTSMSmall (6 pcs) - 5/64"x 4'
SWTYUP5MD5' SWTYUP5XL5' SWTYUPRTMDMedium (5 pcs) - 1/8"x 5'
SWTYUP8MD8' SWTYUP8XL8' SWTYUPRTLGLarge (4 pcs) - 5/32"x 6'
SWTYUP10MD10' SWTYUP10XL10' SWTYUPRTXLX-Large (2 pcs) - 1/4"x 12'
SWTYUP16MD16' SWTYUP16XL16' SWTYUPRTXLCXL Camo (1 pc) - 1/4"x 12'
SWTYUP17MD17' SWTYUP17XL17' Sizes are Approximate and For Reference Only 
Sizes are Approximate and For Reference Only  Sizes are Approximate and For Reference Only    
Call for Other Lengths  Call for Other Lengths   

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