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    • Well designed and constructed straps for your bundling, banding & cable management application.

      • Industrial Grade Hook and Loop Straps.
      • New, Innovative & Patented, Elastic Rubber Cable Ties.
      • Pallet & Material Handling Strapping

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      When you think of the term ‘straps’ most of us have an image of a plastic tie or ratchet straps in our heads. At TheStrapStore, our focus is on hook and loop straps and specialty straps.

      Our hook and loop strap offering includes back-to-back style where hook is on one side and loop on the other. The unique materials we use mean the strap is constructed without the use of adhesives so the product will no delaminate (separate) over time. The result is a superior, industrial grade hook and loop cable tie and strap.

      We also offer cinch straps made from hook and loop. Cinch straps feature a section of loop material with a section of loop sewn or welded together. This allows the user to wrap the strap around an object, insert the tip through a plastic or metal ring and to ‘cinch down’ on the bundle. We offer hook and loop cinch straps in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. We also offer custom solutions.

      Specialty straps include the new Kwik Bandit™ elastic rubber strap. With this product, users stretch, wrap and lock the rubber strap around an object for a secure lock. Because the product is elastic, it provides positive compression on the wires, cables or objects its wrapped around. It’s safe to use, reusable and works for both indoor and outdoor applications.

      When it comes to both hook and loop and speciality straps- TheStrapStore offers a great offering and service value to our customers. We invite you to use this site to find the product you need or to contact us today for further assistance.



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