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Specialty Fasteners

    • Uniquely designed fasteners for material handling and cable management.

      • Industrial Grade Hook and Loop Fasteners.
      • New- Innovative & Patented, Kwik Bandit™ Elastic Rubber Fasteners
      • SPEEDWRAP®, VELCRO®, Ty-Up™ and Kwik Bandit™.

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      TheStrapStore offers unique, specialty fasteners that you won’t easily found offered online. Aside from our great product selection, we offer access to quality manufacturing and unbeatable customer service.

      Our industrial grade hook and loop fasteners are sold in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. These products are designed to perform a variety of tasks and work for thousands of applications. We also offer custom made fasteners for your application.

      We are excited to offer the new Kwik Bandit™ elastic rubber strap. This patented item stretches, wraps and locks around bundles or objects for a secure hold. The product is suited for both indoor and outdoor application and stands up to harsh weather conditions. Kwik Bandit™ does not require tools, can be used with gloves and are safer than elastic stretch cords that feature metal ends.

      We also over Ty-Up™ and many other specialty fasteners you won’t easily find offered by other online suppliers. We stock most of these items and offer awesome turn around times. If you don’t see the specialty fastener you need, contact us today for assistance.



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