Kwik Bandit™–24"– Elastic Cable Tie With Lock Pin –
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Kwik Bandit™ Elastic Beaded Cable Tie with Lock Pin – 24" (3 PACK)


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SPEEDWRAP® Brand Kwik Bandit™ Rubber Straps combine the best features of traditional cable ties with those of elastic straps like bungee cords. With Kwik Bandits™ reusable rubber straps, users simply stretch, wrap & lock the strap around objects or cable bundles for a secure hold. This patent-pending fastening solution is available in three sizes and tensile strengths.

Kwik Bandit™ is a worker-friendly banding solution designed to eliminate tools, hooks and complicated threading. Not only does it reduce attachment time often required to secure objects of different dimensions, its release mechanism is safe and quick. This unique cable tie stretches and provides positive compression on wire bundles and objects and helps keeps both from vibrating or rattling during handling.

When user safety is a concern, compare Kwik Bandits™ to other elastic fasteners like rubber straps that feature metal ends. Kwik Bandit™ provides positive compression on wires in a safe, easy-to-use and reuse design.

Kwik Bandits™ are designed and tested to withstand extreme temperatures, and deterioration forces like UV rays and salt. With robust construction and materials, the product is the easy to use heavy duty banding solution with no tools required.

Kwik Bandits™ are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications including material handling, oil & gas, electrical, audio/video, lawn and garden, recreation, automotive and more.

UV=100 pphm, 72 hours
Operating Temp: -40C to 65C, -40F to 150F
Maximum Elasticity: 40%

• Transportation
• Construction
• Material Handling
• Electrical
• Lawn and Garden
• Recreation
• Automotive

Speedtech Part #LengthLocking PinPackage
SWKB8-108"No10 pcs/pack
SWKB14-514"No5 pcs/pack
SWKB14LP-514"Yes5 pcs/pack
SWKB24-324"No3 pcs/pack
SWKB24LP-324"Yes3 pcs/pack
SWKBVP Variety Pack - 8" (2), 14" (2), 8" (10)  
Sizes are Approximate and For Reference Only  

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