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    • Only the highest quality hook and loop tapes.

      • Industrial Grade Hook and Loop tape in roll or reel
      • SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO®
      • Longer lasting- back-to-back style tapes, made without the use of adhesives
      • Cut-to-length tapes, individually packaged
      • Great selection of sizes and colors

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      The majority of our hook and loop tapes are in the ‘back-to-back’ style meaning one side is hook and the other loop. Cut it to size, wrap it around an object or bundle, then onto itself for a secure hold. The industrial grade tapes offered are made from a special material that doesn’t include adhesives. This construction means the tie will not delaminate during use. This peace-of-mind comes from choosing the right product from the SPEEDWRAP® or VELCRO® Brand fastener offering.

      Cut-to-length hook and loop tapes allow the user to make a fastener that fits their application. Frequent users of these products keep tapes on hand or in their truck- to cover varying applications.

      Quality-conscious engineers and customers everywhere trust us with their strap needs.
      TheStrapStore offers some of the industry’s highest quality hook and loop tapes. We offer these cut-to-length tapes in shorter 5 yard lengths, called rolls or in longer, 25 yard lengths called, reels.

      We offer tapes in different lengths and over 12 colors. We can customer tapes to meet most specifications.

      While we do offer customers sew-on and sticky-back tapes, our main focus are hook and loop tapes made in back-to-back form. These back-to-back tapes are made with hook on one side and loop on the other. When cut-to-length users can wrap the length of strap around an object or bundle and onto itself for a secure hold.

      We also offer tapes in a thinner, low profile variety as well as our standard, industrial grade quality.

      While a search online for hook and loop tape lists hundreds of results, TheStrapStore stands apart with its quality offering, ISO factory support and unbeatable customer service. If you don’t see the tape you need, please call us today.



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