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SPEEDWRAP® Hook and Loop Cinch Strap With Grommet

The SPEEDWRAP® Brand Cinch Strap with Grommet is made of a durable woven, nylon material. These hook and loop cinch straps feature a length of loop material welded to a section of hook material with a grommet located just inside the buckle. The grommet feature allows users to mount the straps – including the objects or wires fastened within them – to almost any surface.   

These industrial grade hook and loop cinch straps are easy to use. Simply wrap the strap around a bundle or objects, insert the tip through the ring, and then onto itself for a secure hold. Cinch Straps are reusable and perfect for larger diameter bundles. The contoured plastic ring allows the strap to be cinched down for a tighter hold. The grommet allows for mounting, hanging, or securing wires, cables or objects to a surface. 

 SPEEDWRAP® is a registered trademark of Speedtech International, Inc. 

Standard Colors - Black and orange

Available in a variety of widths and lengths

Material Woven Nylon

Operating Temp 0-200F

Peel 2 lbs/in

Shear 15 lbs/in

Standard Packaging 10/Bag and 100/Bag

Customization available. Minimums apply

  • Cord & Cable Management
  • Network Applications
  • Data Communications
  • Electrical
  • Recreation
  • Medical Devices
  • HVAC
  • Transportation
  • Maintenance, Repair & Operations
  • Automotive/Marine
  • Pro Audio / Video
  • Home

Speedtech Part #Strap WidthOverall Length
Sizes are Approximate and For Reference Only 


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