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Cable Ties

    • High-quality hook and loop & specialty cable ties for your bundling, banding & cable management application.

      • Industrial Grade Hook and Loop Cable Ties
      • Innovative, Patented, Elastic Rubber Cable Ties
      • Only the top brands: SPEEDWRAP®, VELCRO®, KWIK BANDIT™ & Ty-Up™.

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      When you think of the term ‘cable ties’ most of us have an image of a plastic tie in our heads. Some of us call these zip ties. These nylon cable ties are great for so many applications especially when you need a cheap bundling solutions.

      But there are many applications where zip ties are not the best solution. Many applications require reusable ties, or ones that are flexible and gentle on wires. Other uses require rubber or elastic cable management. These unique applications require StrapStore solutions.

      In 1993 VELCRO® ONE-WRAP® Fasteners were patented. Speedtech began pioneering hook and loop cable tie designs using this new material in 1994. TheStrapStore offers VELCRO® and SPEEDWRAP® Brand cable ties.

      Hook and loop cable ties have grown in popularity because they are flexible, reusable and gentle on wires. The data communications marketplace was the first to adopt this type of cable tie because these soft ties wouldn’t damage delicate cabling. Years later the maintenance, repair and operations departments across the country found the benefits of these types of cable ties. Today, hook and loop cable ties can be found almost everywhere.

      There’s a big difference from one hook and loop cable tie manufacturer to the next, so be sure to evaluate your needs and if your application justifies the best- only use VELCRO® and SPEEDWRAP® Brand Fasteners.

      TheStrapStore also offers unique specialty cable ties like the new Kwik Bandit™. These are the World’s first elastic cable ties. Simply stretch, wrap and lock Kwik Bandits around your wires, cables or objects for a secure hold. These patented cable ties are great for both indoor and outdoor applications and can be installed or removed without tools.



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